Monday, October 31, 2011

Bribing children with cheap plastic toys

What are "Bulldog Bucks"?!?

Bulldog Bucks are not just wrinkled slips of paper that go through the wash in your kids' pockets...  they are given out to our 2nd - 5th grade PE students for the number of laps they run in class.  The more laps they run the more Bulldog Bucks they earn which they can then use at our PE Bulldog Store to get little prizes.  If any parent would like to contribute to our prize box that would be great!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pop Warner Championship

San Diego Pop Warner Championship games -- and two of our Language Academy boys are on Mt. Helix teams playing for the titles. Go Runnin' Rebels!

Monday, October 24, 2011

NFL Play 60

From the tv ads with all the players and kids bouncing in the bus then playing...

5th Grade Fitnessgram

Your 5th Grader and P.E. -- 5th graders will start getting ready for Fitnessgram testing! This definitely something they can and should work on at home, ten minutes a day (every other day) and 20  minutes on Saturday or Sunday.

Week of Oct 24 - 28

Rain, rain, go away...

  • K & 1 -- How to play "Four Corners"; bouncing and catching rubber balls
  • 2 thru 5 -- Fitness stations (lunges, wall push-ups, line jumps, jump rope); Flag Tag; bowling (2) and volley tennis (3-5)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneaky Fat and Sugar

While my Kinder classes are out at the pumpkin patch (I told them "bring one back as big as Coach!") here's a few links to health and fitness websites...
  • Diet Foods That Make You Fat -- It's not too early to teach children to read the labels on food and drinks; I tell them if the list of ingredients has more than three long, confusing, scientific-sounding words in it that might not be the healthiest choice.
  • Healthy Halloween Ideas -- a lot of ads and pop-ups on the site (yuck) but a lot of great healthy snack and salad ideas (yum) plus some deliciously creepy Halloween themed snacks (boo!). 
  • The Food Pyramid -- it's now a plate. Makes sense, doesn't it? Who ever eats off a pyramid anyway, wouldn't everything get all sandy???

Mme Salmon and Sra Lerma's classes will have a make-up PE class on this coming Monday afternoon, so please make sure your kids are dressed properly!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week of Oct. 17 - 21

  • Kinder - walking in straight, quiet lines; monkey bar and playground safety rules review; plastic scoops and balls.
  • 1 thru 3 - hula hoop/jump rope/bouncing ball stations; monkey bar safety rules.
  • 4 and 5 -  basketball passing, dribbling, zone defense; volley tennis.
  • healthy snacks and drinks - importance of water, diluting fruit drinks and gatorade, mixing healthier snacks in with not so much healthier snacks.
Parent/Guardian Reminder:
  • Please have your children wear safe, durable, reliable shoes on P.E. days!