Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneaky Fat and Sugar

While my Kinder classes are out at the pumpkin patch (I told them "bring one back as big as Coach!") here's a few links to health and fitness websites...
  • Diet Foods That Make You Fat -- It's not too early to teach children to read the labels on food and drinks; I tell them if the list of ingredients has more than three long, confusing, scientific-sounding words in it that might not be the healthiest choice.
  • Healthy Halloween Ideas -- a lot of ads and pop-ups on the site (yuck) but a lot of great healthy snack and salad ideas (yum) plus some deliciously creepy Halloween themed snacks (boo!). 
  • The Food Pyramid -- it's now a plate. Makes sense, doesn't it? Who ever eats off a pyramid anyway, wouldn't everything get all sandy???

Mme Salmon and Sra Lerma's classes will have a make-up PE class on this coming Monday afternoon, so please make sure your kids are dressed properly!

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  1. Love, love, love your site!! Keep posting, and I'll keep following! Thanks


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